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    Global Export
    We understand that international operations are complex. From resellers to large local companies, we have the resources and global compliance expertise to help you get the products you need to continue to grow your business.
    Why Choose XDK?
    • Your Trusted Source
      We have our own production lines to ensure product quality and production delivery. We have business dealings with most of the world's communications companies, with a mature supplier system. At the same time, we have a good understanding of product standards and rich production experience.
    • Complete Product Category
      XDK offers a wide range of highly competitive active and passive fiber optics products.In order to maintain market competitiveness, XDK offers a broad range of high-end and customized products, such MTP & MPO、Patchcord、Pigtail、Adaptor、WDM、ONU...
    • Shipping Worldwide
      Whether you choose international delivery or order from our network of local distribution partners, we'll help you get products quickly and at a competitive price.
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    International Purchasing Insights
    Contact Of Global Subsidiaries & Branches Take advantage of purchasing in local currency and avoid the complexity of the customs compliance process when you choose from our network of trusted distributors.Our dedicated regional sales representatives will contact you to understand your usage scenarios and evaluate your purchasing needs to help you find the right solution for your business.
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    • All export orders are subject to the Export Terms and Conditions. You can view them at Policies/terms-of-purchase.
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